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A blank page March 3, 2010

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A blank page is a daunting thing to stare upon – such potential lying in its clean slate.  Such weight, the potent press of the future, such dread, the fear of an inadequate creation.  The spontaneous act of creation sometimes eludes us, leaving pages blank, slates clean.  No amount of force will push the ideas from one’s head.


Out with the old March 2, 2010

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Today is a new day.  The bad luck that has hung over us like a dark cloud is disapating and fading into nothingness.   It has been a wet, wild last few weeks, renewing a shadowrun game, starting another game with friends.. music is in the air, and possibly of my fingers.

The burdens of the past weigh heavily on our shoulders, dragging us down and holding us back.  Guilts and regrets, epic mind-spun fictions of the what-if may swirl and visit us in the dark times of the night.  Yet ever we press onward, facing the man(woman) in the mirror each morning, answerable only to their questioning gaze.

Life’s pursuits are self set goals, milestones of the mind set by seekers searching for purpose.  Is the only purpose to live, itself, or is there something more.  Sometimes, while watching the snow roll over the mountains, or as the sun’s calleidoscopic rays splash a canvas’ worth of painted colors across the clouds, I wonder if it really matters.

First Post! February 14, 2010

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Well, I finally caved and am rejoining the blogosphere.. is that even a word?  Well, I suppose language is a loose and living structure, where the conveance of meaning is its highest goal, above all.

I don’t have much today, really – it’s Valentine’s day, and my sweetheart deserves my attention.  🙂  I love you baby.